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How to set up Authenticated SMTP in Outlook 2007



Please Note:This is not a regular service. This is a paid-for service only available to customers with a hosting or email package, whose ISP cannot provide outgoing mail services. This service costs £15.99 plus VAT per year, and can be purchased by calling the Sales Department on 0345 363 3632

Important! Authenticated SMTP for a domain name will only work for emails sent out using valid email addresses on the domain name itself. It cannot be used for email addresses not related to the domain name eg a BTInternet email address

Setting up Authenticated SMTP in Outlook 2007

To set up authenticated SMTP for your mail account, you will need to edit the settings of your domain's mail configuration. Open Outlook 2007, click on the Tools option and then select the Accounts Settings (see image below)

Outlook 2007 Tools

Highlight the email account you are setting up authenticated smtp for, and click on the Change button (see image below)

Outlook 2007 Authenticated

Set the outgoing smtp server to: and then click on the More Settings button.(see image below)

Outlook 2007 more settings

Click on the Outgoing Server tab and select the option that says My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

Login options will now be available to set. Tick the boxes, enter the information that was supplied to you. (see image below)

Outlook 2007 Login options

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