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How to add and remove delivery methods in your store



Follow these steps to add delivery methods in your store:

  • Log into the administration area of your store
  • Click on Settings and then Delivery
  • Click on the Add button at the top of the list
  • Select a Delivery Type from the list
  • Enter a name for this delivery method under Name in shop
  • Click the Add button
You now have three areas you can modify:


Here you can set the delivery type to Visible, and / or as the default delivery method.
Next you can set a display name for this to display in your shop.
As well as this you can add a comment and upload a logo.

Once you are happy click save


Here you can select your Tax Class, set a price for delivery, and conditions for free delivery.

Once you are happy click save

Customer groups

You can use this section to restrict your delivery method to be used by a specific customer group.

To remove a delivery method:

  • Click on Settings and then Delivery
  • Check the box next to the method that you want to remove
  • Click the Delete button found above the list
  • When you see Do you really want to delete these delivery methods? you can select either Delete or Cancel

Should you require any further assistance regarding our Ecommerce products, please click on the Help link from within the main Ecommerce Admin Panel

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