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How to manually add and remove customer accounts in your store



To manually create a new customer account:

  • Log into the administration area of your store
  • Click on Customers found on the menu and then select Create new Customer
  • If you select your customer list you can then click the Add button
  • add new customer
  • Fill out the details on the page, ensuring you cover the 3 sections
  • Address

    Customer account


  • Then click on Save when you are done

To remove customer accounts:

  • Click on Customers and then click on Customers on the drop down menu
  • Check the box next to the customers you want to remove (You can search using the search at the top-right of the page)
  • Select Delete found above the customer list
  • [item]Following this you can confirm by clicking Delete or cancel by clicking Cancel.

Should you require any further assistance regarding our Ecommerce products, please click on the Help link from within the main Ecommerce Admin Panel

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