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Add Sitemaker eCommerce functionality with "Reseller tools"



Please note that if you have purchased your Sitemaker package after the 4th June 2013 you will be using our new version of Sitemaker.

The new version creates a website in HTML5 rather than flash, making our Sitemaker website viewable on many popular phones and tablet devices.

Because of this some of the Support Centre articles may not apply to your Sitemaker configuration. To make it easier we have appended all relevant articles with HTML5 to make it easier for you to find your desired guide.

How to add eCommerce functionality to your Sitemaker site

Note: PayPal integration is only available with higher value packages. You may need to upgrade to use some of these features. Additionally you will need a PayPal account, which is free to create, this is the only supported payment system at the moment.

Sitemaker comes complete with components that can be used to sell products through PayPal integration.

You can find the PayPal components in the Sitemaker editor by clicking "Files", which opens a window where you should select "Library" from the left pane, and "Seller Tools" from the middle pane. This will show the PayPal reseller tools in the right pane, which can be added to your sites page.

Creating product links

You can also convert any link in your site into a PayPal link using the Sitemaker editing tools, or you can use the PayPal widgets in the 'File Manager'. This means you can use buttons, text links, or images, as PayPal links. To create the link, select the text, or object on your page, and click on the 'links' tab in the Editor dialogue. Then select the PayPal icon. The PayPal editor will then load and allow you to configure your button.

To set up the link, you will first need to enter your PayPal account login, which is the email address you used when you signed up for PayPal. This is what links this item to your PayPal account. You will also need to decide if this is a 'Single Item' purchase, 'Add to cart', or 'View cart' link. Click 'Next' and then you can enter the 'item name' (for display on PayPal), the 'Item ID' (an optional internal code if you use them) and a price. PayPal currently supports 6 currencies - British Pound, US Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Japanese Yen and Australian Dollar. Click 'Finish' followed by 'Apply' and you link is all set up!

If you are using 'Single item' purchase, then simply add one for each item you are selling. If you are using the 'Add to cart' component, remember to also add a 'View cart' component as well, so that your visitors can get back to their shopping cart without having to add another item.

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