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MyLittleAdmin does not display the "delete" or "Edit" icons for my tables contents



When you view your tables contents the edit and delete buttons are not displayed

If you select a table from the administration site and see the pop-up context menu. If you select "Open Table" from this menu, you will have the content of the table displayed. On a table with a "Primary Key" set the far left column of the displayed data contains icons to "delete" and "edit" the row's.

If you do not see these icons you will have to designate a field in the table as the "Primary Key", to do this follow the instructions below.

  • Click the table name to pop up the context menu
  • Click "Details" from the context menu
  • Click "Keys" in the resulting list
  • Click the "Select primary key" icon to set the tables primary key.
  • For the "Column #1" option select the field you wish to use as the tables primary key. (Note: If you have more complex requirements for the PK you can set these here)
  • Save your changes

The next time you view the tables contents you should see the missing icon links for "delete" and "edit".

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