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How Brexit may affect Web Builder or Cloudsite for .eu domains

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What is happening?

The UK Government has committed to leaving the European Union by 31st October 2019, regardless of whether a deal is agreed or not. There is still some uncertainty regarding how this will affect .eu domain holders, but it is prudent at this point to prepare for the worst.

When Brexit happens then it is possible that UK / Gibraltar citizens will lose their .eu domains. So, with just over two months before the deadline, it is important to consider what you need to do.

What do I do next?

The first step should be to identify a suitable alternative domain that can be used instead of the existing .eu domain. The easiest way to do this is to pop your domain name into our Domain Search on our website as this will check to see what other common extensions, such as, .uk or .com, your name is available in.

Our search will even display some suggestions for you if your preferred suffix is already registered.

Further advice on choosing a suitable domain is available on our website

I have a website using Web Builder or Cloudsite on my .eu domain

Before doing anything, it is important to consider the potential impact to your search engine rankings. Google may well know about your current website at your .eu domain but they won't know about any new domain you start using.

Moving a website is challenging and if you've had your website for a while then you'll be listed in Google, and will want to make sure you tell Google what changes you are making.

There are lots of articles online that you can follow to try and help you. Google have published some guides that may be useful to you which are located here

Step One - Ask us to move your website and package to your new domain

The good news is that it is quite simple for us to take a Web Builder or Cloudsite website and move it over to a new domain, so when you are ready for this to be done please let us know.

The existing package will be shifted "as is" over to the new domain, transferring across the associated website. Note that emails will not be affected by this, so will need to be migrated according to the email migration guide here

Step Two - Forward old .eu domain to new domain

Now that your website is up and running on your new domain, you may want to forward your .eu domain to the new one. This will ensure that any visitors that load the .eu domain will automatically be taken to the new one (but only for as long as the .eu domain is still active).

This can be done by following the instructions located here

Final Steps

Over the course of the next few months, leading up to the end of October, you should ensure that everyone knows the new domain and is using that instead. If you have any business cards or marketing material that feature the old domain then they will all need to be updated to the new one.

Have a think about anywhere your .eu domain may be listed, and spend some time updating those references, in order to ensure you are not caught short in the event that you lose the domain.

Finally, if you have any queries or concerns about anything, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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