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Registering a Personal Trading Name as a Domain Name



Personal Trading Name

Sole Traders, such as Authors, Designers, Entertainers, Artists, Photographers, journalists etc, trading in Ireland under their Personal Names are eligible to apply for a domain name in this category.

For clarification purposes this new domain name category is only available to sole traders trading under their own personal trading name.

  • A signed letter on headed paper from an Irish bank manager, firm of chartered accountant(s), registered auditor(s), tax consultant(s), where the tax advisor identification number is displayed on the letterhead, relevant body/association or solicitor(s) confirming that the person (sole trader) is currently trading in Ireland under their own personal name.
  • High quality brochure/promotional material or other demonstration or documentation of significant investment in the use of the personal trading name.
  • Any other supporting documentation that the Registry deems acceptable.
Domain Options:

The proposed domain name must consist of the full name of the sole trader in the format of the full first name followed by the full surname. E.g.: Joseph Bloggs may apply for ""

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