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How to register a .ie domain name if you are self-employed



How can a small business register a .ie domain name?

If you are a sole trader in Ireland, you run your own business as an individual and are self employed, then don't worry, it's really easy to get your .ie domain name.

To show your connection to the island of Ireland, please provide ONE of the following:

Requirements if applying as a sole trader:
  • RBN number - find yours here
  • Irish VAT number (registered in Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland).
  • Tax clearance certificate from Ireland's Revenue Commissioners (or other correspondence from them showing your VAT number).
  • Irish / European Community Trademark number.
  • WIPO Trademark number (enforceable in Ireland).
  • A signed letter on headed paper from an Irish bank manager, firm of chartered accountant(s), registered auditor(s), tax consultant(s), where the tax advisor identification number is displayed on the letterhead, relevant body/association or solicitor(s) confirming that the person wanting to register the domain is currently trading in Ireland.

If you don't quite have any of the evidence above, then don't worry. You can also show your connection to the island of Ireland with evidence of personal identity and provide ONE of the following:

Requirements if applying as an individual:
  • Irish Passport´╗┐´╗┐.
  • Irish / UK drivers licence (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Irish / Northern Irish bank statement (showing an address in the island of Ireland).
  • Official College ID (issued by any educational institution recognised by the Department of Education).
  • Department of Social Protection issued Public Services Card.
  • Correspondence from Ireland's Revenue Commissioners (showing your PPS number).

What kind of small business would this apply to?

You could be an author, entertainer, artist, photographer, journalist, plumber. In fact, any small business with a connection to the island of Ireland.

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