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Registering a Politician's Name as a Domain Name



Politician's Name

A natural person who is the President of Ireland, a sitting (already elected) or standing (certificate showing that he/she is an official candidate) politician at National (32 counties) or European level, which can be verified by an election officer or as is the case in Northern Ireland, a returning officer, or a person who is officially contesting any of the above offices or seats in the immediate run up to an election is eligible to apply for a domain name in this category. (Any politician representing the 32 counties - e.g.: MEP, TD, or Members of the Northern Ireland Assembly.)

Any domain holder with a name in this category who ceases to be a sitting politician, or who fails to be elected, must have their domain name de-activated after due notice.

  • A signed letter, on official letterhead, from the politician confirming their eligibility to register a domain name in this category.
  • Domain Options:
  • Politician's Name may be registered in either one of the following formats: (personal name without title) or or (personal name with politician title)

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