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How to register a .ie domain name - Trademark



Do you have a Trademark valid in Ireland and want to register a .ie domain to protect your brand?

If you have a Registered Trademark that is valid in Ireland, you can get a .ie domain name. The domain name doesn't need to match your Trademark text, you can register any .ie domain name you want.

  • Irish, European Community and WIPO trademarks need only supply their Trademark Number in the application.
  • For any other country Trademark a copy of the Trademark Certificate must be supplied.
  • Where the proof of your connection to the Island of Ireland is made on the basis of a pending Trademark application, we may be able to accept a copy of the Trademark application form and official filing receipt along with a letter from the Trademark holder.
  • If you are a licensed user of the trademark, you must also provide a signed letter on headed paper from the Trademark holder authorising the registration and use of the .ie domain name.
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