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How to register a .ie domain name - club or society



Do you run a club or society n Ireland and want to register a .ie domain name?

To show that your club or society is entitled to register a .ie, we need evidence of your connection to the island of Ireland. How you do that will depend on how your club/society is set up.

If your club / society is established as a Company or Partnership, then please check our pages for evidence that can be provided by large businesses or small businesses.

If your club / society isn't registered as a business then we can also accept an Irish / Northern Irish bank statement (showing an address in the island of Ireland), or a nominated member of the organisation van submit any ONE of the documents outlined in the personal use guide.

If your group registered under the Friendly Societies Acts 1896-2014, you can also prove your connection to the island of Ireland by providing your identifying number with the Friendly Societies Register. Find this here.

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