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Registering a Registered Business Name as a Domain Name



Registered Business Name

A Sole Trader, Company or Unincorporated Association who hold a registered business name can apply for a domain name under this category.

  • The applicant applying under this category need only include the RBN Number in the application.
  • The RBN cannot be confirmed online. If the applicant holds a copy of the registered business name certificate or a copy of all pages of the application form stamped by the Companies Registration Office, these documents can be faxed to the Registry.
  • The RBN has been recently applied for. Applications will be accepted on the condition that the certificate is submitted to us within 8 weeks from the date of initial registration. If the certificate is not received within this period, the domain name will be deleted.
  • The IEDR is aware that applicants within the 6 counties do not have to register business names and in such instances the Registry may accept a signed letter on headed paper from an bank manager, firm of chartered accountant(s), registered auditor(s), tax consultant(s), where the tax advisor identification number is displayed on the letterhead, or solicitor(s) confirming that the company is currently trading, or has serious intention and commitment to trade shortly, under the business name that is specified. The letter must state the name of the company and that they are trading, or intend to trade, under the business name in question
Domain Options:
  • An applicant can add words to their registered business name to form a domain name.
  • An applicant can register domain names that have a reasonable connection with their business. In this case the IEDR deems a reasonable connection to be a product or service of the registered business.*
  • An abbreviation of the registered business name may be used instead of the full business name.

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