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How do I move a domain to another Register365 account

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How to move a domain between Register365 accounts

Domain names that are already with Register365 can be transferred between Register365 accounts via the "Push Domain" facility in your Online Control Panel. You may push a domain to an existing account by specifying the account reference (e.g. RGP012345) or create a new account to receive the domain.

- The first step is to login to your Online Control Panel and select Domain Names from the left hand menu.

- You will now see a list of the domains on your account, select the domain you wish to move

- Select DNS & Transfer Options from the left hand menu

- Now select Transfer Domain

- You will now see a number of options in the centre of the screen, the option to look out for, and select is click here to push this domain to another account

- From here, you can now chose from 2 options. Either, enter a pre-existing Register365 account reference

- Or complete the new account form to push your domain to a fresh account

- All that is left to do now, is select Proceed and follow the on screen prompts.

Please note: This facility is only available to account holders. It cannot be accessed when logged in as a site administrator.

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