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Once I submit my application to transfer my .com, .net, .org, .info or .biz to Namesco/Register IT what happens next?



Your application is sent through to our transfers team who carry out certain checks on the domain name. If there is any information that they require from you e.g. authorisation from the legal registrant; confirmation that the admin email address is valid; to request the domain be unlocked etc, etc the Transfers Team will email you with their requests. Once all the checks are complete we will submit an application to Register IT.

Two validation emails will then be sent to the Admin email contact shown on the WHOIS lookup. One will be from Register IT and the other from your current provider/registrar/registry. It is imperative that the Admin contact replies to the validation emails within the specified time periods otherwise our application will be cancelled.

Once the transfer is complete we will notify you by email.

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