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Adding a domain to a Multi Domain Hosting Package

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Customers with one of our Multi Domain hosting packages have the ability to host several different domains on them. This article explains the process of adding and configuring a new domain.

Once you are logged in to your Control Panel, select Services from the top menu and then Domains & Services from the drop-down list.

Next click on Add Domain from the menu on the left.

If you have a Multi Domain hosting package, the first option you should see will be called Create a new Hosting Account.

You will now see a list of each of the Multi Domain packages on your account. Click on the Add Domain link beside the appropriate one.

The next page will allow you to specify the configuration of the domain, with Apache Hosting, Windows Hosting or Email Only being the available choices.

Once you have chosen one of these, the options below will then allow you to customise the specifications. For example, if you selected Apache Hosting you will be able to specify the amount of bandwidth and databases the domain is allowed.

Once you have selected the configuration you would like the domain to use, clicking on Save will commence the process of setting up the services for you. This can take up to 15 minutes, and you will receive a confirmation setup email once the services are ready to use.

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