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My page "Meta data" not showing on my pages!



To confirm page meta data being used

Ignoring the home page though this rule still applies, go to a specific page, click on Edit - when logged in - then on the side bar (menu) go to the Preferences section.

Click on "View HTML" and you will see the site rendered in HTML which is where you need to use "View source". Once you're satisfied the HTML meta is what it should be for that page, click the Exit button in the top right corner.

Alternatively while in HTML mode just use the menu to go to the next page and then use "View source" again.

Note: Just visiting each page in a browser as a visitor, or editor and viewing the source will only view the Site meta as you are simply looking at the site's page in which the Flash container sits.

But each page (where open for public view) is available and will be linked to the others through the menu so spiders will read all the individual page meta.

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