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How do I migrate my existing SiteMaker website to HTML5 (version 6)?

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This article explains how websites using the older version (version 4) of SiteMaker can be migrated to the newer version (version 6).

The first step is to login to your Register365 Online Control Panel and launch the SiteMaker editor.

Once in the editor, there will be an information panel along the top with a Migrate to Version 6 button in the top left of the toolbar.

If this option does not appear then your website is already using the newer version of the editor.

IMPORTANT: Before starting the migration process, we recommend checking if your website contains any links to other websites, or any external code that has been added using the HTML Snippet widget.

If so, you should take a copy of those links and the external code, as they may need to be added back in again after the migration.

To start the process, go ahead and click the Migrate to Version 6 button at the top.

The following message will appear, and you should click on Tell me more to continue.

You will now be given the option to preview your website as it will look once you have migrated. For most people there will be some tidying up to do, and some editing, as not all existing features are supported by the new version.

The main features that will not be supported in the new version are Blog, Forms and Membership tools.

Read more about the features that are not yet / no longer supported and how to work around this in our support article Non supported features and workarounds.

IMPORTANT: Take the time to have a good look at every single page of the preview website, and make absolutely certain that you are happy with the way it looks.

The migration is non-reversible, so once the migration has completed it CANNOT be undone.

If you are happy with the edits that you would need to make after migrating your site, or if it doesn't need any edits at all, then go ahead and proceed with the migration.

If you have any queries at all about this migration process, please contact our Technical Support team by raising a ticket through your Online Control Panel.

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