Nominet WHOIS opt-out

If you have registered a .uk, a, a, domain name, are a non-trading individual and already have a domain name registered with us you can opt-out of being on the WHOIS through the Nominet website

This guide will assist you in opting out of displaying your registrant information in a whois query, using the Nominet website.

First, you’ll need to log in to your Nominet account at

Once logged in, select the domain from your list of domains, beneath this you’ll be able to see your WHOIS Opt-Out status, in this example where ‘No’ is displayed (below), the registrant details are currently public and we can change this.

To change your registrant details or to Opt-Out of displaying your details on the WHOIS, select the Edit button:

You’ll now be presented with the Edit Registrant Details page, specifically the image depicts an empty tick box, labelled ‘I would like to opt-out of publishing my address on the WHOIS’ to opt-out simply check this box and click the Update Details button.

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