Changing FTP Password on Windows Hosting

This guide explains how customers with a Windows Hosting package can create or change an FTP password.

Once logged into your Control Panel, click on your domain (if you have more than one), and look for the Hosting Settings drop-down menu.

Choose the option called FTP Users.

Unless you have previously created an FTP user then there will be no users listed, as we do not automatically create one for Windows Hosting. 

Click on the link Add FTP User, to be taken to the page shown below.

The first step is to enter a username. It will automatically be prefixed by a random string of characters, followed by a hyphen. You can then enter whatever you like, and the full FTP username will be the random characters, followed by the hyphen, followed by whatever you entered.

Next enter and confirm your chosen password.

Please note the following minimum requirements for the password:

  • Must contain at least eight characters
  • Must contain an uppercase character
  • Must contain a lowercase character
  • Must contain a number
  • Must contain a symbol
  • Must NOT be based on a dictionary word

If you leave the Path box blank then it will mean that the FTP user will have full access to all files and folders in the webspace. This is generally the recommended setting, but if you only want the FTP user to have access to a specific folder then specify the name of the folder here.

You can then choose whether the FTP user should be enabled or not, with Enabled being the default option. If you plan to connect with this user immediately after completing this process, then please leave this box ticked. If you are creating the user now but don’t plan to actually connect for a while then it may be sensible to un-tick the box.

The last option is whether you want the FTP user to be Read Only or not. A Read Only FTP user will only have access to download files, and not to modify any of them. If this will be your primary FTP user for administration of the website then you should ensure this box is un-ticked, which is the default option.

To complete the process and create the FTP user click on the Save link in the bottom right.

Once your user has been created, you can login to it using an FTP client. Below are the correct settings that you will need to use.

Username: Your full FTP username
Password: Your chosen FTP password
Port: 21

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