We see so many design trends in Ecommerce websites, such as animation, advanced filtering, videos and 360-degree product previews. However, trends like these don’t guarantee sales. Every Ecommerce site should have certain features to stay relevant and competitive. Here’s our… Continue Reading →

Is it the right time to start an online business?

We are emerging from a global pandemic that forced the world into lockdown for several weeks; there is a widespread recession looking highly likely, and many businesses are shutting their doors permanently as they were unable to weather the storm…yet,… Continue Reading →

Futureproof your business with digital technology

The world has never faced a future as uncertain as today’s. Even before the lockdown imperilled our families and businesses, there was already an oil price war, problems with the dollar, and the meltdown of the European Union. At times… Continue Reading →

.EU domains and Brexit – everything you need to know in 2021

Following the UK’s withdrawal from the EU on 1st February 2020, UK or Gibraltar based individuals and businesses are no longer eligible to register a .eu domain name.  If you currently hold a .eu domain or are considering registering one,… Continue Reading →

Campaigns and initiatives that could help your small business stay afloat

Small businesses are certainly feeling the pinch during the Coronavirus lockdown. But happily, there are plenty of measures which have been introduced by the government and by private bodies alike to help firms to stay in business. With no end… Continue Reading →

Planning for the recovery as a small business

The COVID-19 pandemic is still ongoing but as infection rates fall worldwide, lockdown restrictions are being eased in many countries. That might feel like a relief for many small businesses, but some are still prepared for shaky economic conditions. More… Continue Reading →

What is shared web hosting and should I choose it?

You’ve built your website, gathered your files and images together and now you’re ready to launch it online. That’s where web hosting comes in. Choosing the right hosting package is absolutely key to the future success of your website. It… Continue Reading →

How to set up an online shop

In the 2020s it is hard to imagine a business without a website. Customers search for products and services online first. Other ways of shopping are a distant second. If anyone wasn’t using the Web before the coronavirus lockdown, it’s… Continue Reading →

The Isolation Diaries: volume V

Hannah Bushell – Legal Counsel (and mum of two) At Register365 we received the news a couple of weeks ago that working from home was no longer simply “temporary”, but for some of us “semi-permanent”. I wept (loudly) into my… Continue Reading →

7 steps to ensure your website is secure

If you have a website, one thing that it is worth spending time and money on is ensuring that it stays secure. What are the threats? Cyber-threats are constantly increasing and cybercriminals get smarter by the day. The most common… Continue Reading →

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