4 tips to make a great impression with your business email signature

It’s difficult to make a positive lasting impression and closing business email correspondence with something that is memorable for all the right reasons is even trickier. Whether you have just changed jobs, secured a promotion or suspect your current signature… Continue Reading →

Build customer trust by using a professional, business email address

Every interaction with your customer leaves an impression. Whether you answer your phone with an ‘Alright mate’ or ‘A.B.C Car Repairs, Danny speaking, how can I help?’ your customer has subconsciously made assumptions about you and your business. This impression… Continue Reading →

Setting up your business email address: what you need to know

Securing your professional email address, and domain name, should be top of your to-do list once you’ve established your business idea. Having a custom email address shows you’ve created a real business, whereas using a Gmail, Yahoo or some other… Continue Reading →

WebMail 5 is here – now mobile responsive

We are happy to announce an update to our WebMail that will help make staying in touch a lot easier. We have made our WebMail look much better than before and included features to make your email even easier to… Continue Reading →

Go large with 5GB email storage and up to 50 users!

  Choosing an email package can be tricky to get just right, a bit like the Goldilocks story – some just aren’t quite big enough for your needs, whereas others might have you paying too much for services you don’t… Continue Reading →