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Your website has vast untapped potential. 95% of visitors who express interest in your product or service never initiate contact - so you never know about all the opportunities that are lost.

With so much effort focused on getting B2B traffic to your site, it makes sense to find out exactly which companies are browsing. Turning the anonymous to the known means you can reach out directly, fine tune your messaging, improve your market understanding - and get more sales conversions. Which means adding more to the bottom line.

Our team.blue partner, Leadinfo, offer a powerful lead generation tool that can give you invaluable information on your B2B visitors, including company name, contact details, and LinkedIn profiles of managers. This enables you to build a comprehensive and precise sales funnel. Try it for free for 14 days to see just how easy it is, and how quickly you can gather new leads.

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Are you an enterprising local business owner or a professional associated with a large corporation or multinational enterprise?

Let Leadinfo be your growth catalyst, leveraging its dynamic real-time analytics and comprehensive global dataset. By harnessing Leadinfo's power, you can effortlessly foster connections and seamlessly transform potential leads into valuable customers, propelling your business towards unparalleled success.

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GDPR-Compliant Solution!

Leadinfo ensures compliance with the latest GDPR regulations and goes the extra mile by providing cookie-free tracking alternatives. This commitment to privacy allows you to gather valuable insights while maintaining full adherence to data protection standards, giving you peace of mind and ensuring a trustworthy experience for your website visitors.

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1click integrations

There's no need to invest in costly and time consuming IT integration. With 60+ single click integration possibilities, you can connect Leadinfo to the apps you already use and love. No sweat.

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Real time data

user experience

Configure customised actions or tailored content to be displayed when specific users visit your website.

With Leadinfo's powerful automation capabilities, you can enhance user experience, nurture leads, and drive conversions by delivering personalised interactions that resonate with your audience.

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More about Leadinfo

LeadInfo are part of the team.blue family. Their team of 40 work every day to provide a game-changing tool* designed to revolutionise B2B sales for companies who want to grow. Their intuitive software takes minutes, rather than hours, to install and they are now the market leader in their region.

Frequently asked questions about our Lead Generation

  • What is Lead Generation?

    Lead generation (often shortened to 'leadgen') is the lifeblood of any business. Your sales team, if you have one, will work really hard to get leads from personal contacts - through referrals, events and personal introductions. What they really want to be doing is selling from a 'warm' lead pipeline but the B2B market presents particular challenges. Which is where marketing-led Lead Generation comes in. In short, marketers aim to speed the process of identifying 'prospects' and 'warm leads' and capturing their data, so that your sales team (which might just be you!) can follow up.

  • All Lead Generation does the same thing, doesn't it?

    Sadly, not all lead generation strategies are created equal, especially in the B2B space. For example, someone might create a long list of relevant companies in the business sector you want to sell to. They might even identify the decision makers in those businesses. And they will describe this as leadgen; but you're still stuck with trying to get through gatekeepers, to get your product in front of those decision makers, and to get a sense of whether they might be interested in your product before you can begin to describe them as 'warm' leads. Powerful lead generation, by contrast, will deliver verifiable warm leads that your sales team can follow up on immediately.

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