Why you need a .ie

As Ireland's national domain extension, .ie is exclusively available to those who can prove a real connection to Ireland so it’s truly unique and authentic. It’s easily recognised and trusted by Irish consumers so it’s the best choice if you want to maximise your local marketing potential and do business in Ireland.

Enjoy more choice! Unlike .com, there’s still a huge selection of .ie domains available so choose the name you want.

Engage the Irish market and build a stronger presence with your guaranteed Irish website.

Tell the world you’re Irish and prove your website has a genuine connection to Ireland.

Rank higher in Google.ie as the .ie domain is favoured by Irish search engines.

Instil confidence and trust in your website, a .ie proves you are who you say you are.

Be secure - .ie is one of the world’s safest domain extensions with minimal cybercrime and cybersquatting.

Who can register a .ie?

Anyone who can prove a connection to the island of Ireland!

All .ie domains need supporting documentation to complete the application process. What's required depends on which category you fall under. The main categories include 'individual’, 'sole trader’, 'company’ and 'other(charity, club, band, school, association etc.)’.

Read our FAQ section for more information on the category most suitable to you.

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Frequently asked questions about .ie

  • What is a .ie domain?

    A .ie domain name is the official country-code top-level domain extension for Ireland.

  • How long does it take to register a .ie

    You can order your .ie straight away and if you supply all the required documentation immediately – it can be registered and approved by the .IE domain registry for .ie, within one working day. From the date you order your .ie, you have 27 days to provide us with the required documentation to complete your registration.

  • I want to register a .ie for myself – what do I need?

    To prove your connection to Ireland, you simply provide a form of a valid identification such as an Irish passport or Irish driving license.

    Are you in the early stages setting up your business or just want to get an idea online? If so, all you need to send is a copy of your ID and proof of address.

  • I’m a sole trader – what documents do I need?

    If you have a Registered Business Name(RBN) number, you need to supply that number. If your application has not yet completed with the Companies Registration Office(CRO), please submit your RBN submission number together with your RBN1 signature page instead. If you don’t have an RBN number but do have a VAT number, please submit your VAT number.

  • How do you register a .ie for a company?

    If your company is registered in Ireland with the Companies Registration Office(CRO) please supply your CRO number. If not, you will need to supply proof of trade in Ireland in the form of an invoice showing your company name and an Irish address for delivery or billing. You will also need to send your company registration number.

    If you can’t prove that your company trades in Ireland then you will need to provide evidence that you own a trademark (Irish, Community, British or American only). Without a trademark or one of the items already mentioned, you will be unable to register a .ie.

  • What documents do I need for anything else?

    For a society, club or band please provide a letter on headed paper confirming the name and address of your band, club or society. Alternatively, you can supply a link to your social media page if it clearly shows the name of your organisation and where you are based and operating in Ireland.

    For schools and colleges please supply your roll number. If you don’t have a roll number, please send a letter on headed paper showing the name and address of your college or school.

    For state or government bodies, departments or agencies please supply a letter on headed paper explaining what type of body you are and confirming your name and address.

    If you are a registered charity, you will need to supply one of the following – a CHY number or an NIC Number.

  • Can I transfer my domain to Register365?

    Yes, its simple to do. All you need is the domain transfer key which you can get from your existing provider or directly from the .IE domain registry. Then simply follow these instructions.

  • Do you accept photos of documents sent using a phone?

    Yes, as long as the image is clear and all details are visible.

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