Your Christmas recipe for online success

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Woman happily looking at her laptop whilst sitting in a Christmas setting

With Christmas hurtling towards us and Black Friday just a few weeks away, now is the perfect time to get your website ready for spend season!

In 2022, Irish consumers were the third biggest online spenders in Europe according to Eurostat figures*, so if you have an online shop, here are the top 5 ingredients you will need to prepare your website for the holiday period:

1. Sprinkle some Christmas magic  

Imagine your website is a bit like your home and add a bit of Christmas sparkle to brighten it up for the festive season! Sometimes websites can look a bit flat, so you can really give it a boost by adding some simple messaging, changing your homepage colours or dropping in some festive images.

2. Add a dollop of seasonal promotions

During the lead up to Christmas, seasonal promotions can be the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity. If you can offer a product at a price cheaper than your competitors, or offer a nice add-on, customers are more likely to buy from your store, and to return in the future.

Customers also enjoy daily deals, so you could consider scheduling a countdown to Christmas campaign offering something different each day. This encourages customers to buy and return to your website regularly to check for the latest deals.

Plus if you would like to push certain stock, you could promote special bundles containing both slow and fast selling stock. You can also use your social media channels to engage customers and maximise the reach of all promotions.

3. Make ‘free delivery’ the cherry on top

Christmas can be such an expensive time, especially with the cost of living crisis, so consumers really appreciate any help they can get. By offering free delivery or shipping wherever you can, you’ll entice customers to stay and spend in your shop. Ensure the offer is visible and promoted at every opportunity, and as a result customers will know they are saving money and getting a great deal.

4. Add mobile compatibility to the mix

Ecommerce peaks during the Christmas period so make the most of it and ensure your website is fully compatible with the latest mobile technologies. Shoppers will often see a product they like in an actual store but will hesitate to buy immediately as they look for cheaper options online. By making your store mobile compatible, you are instantly accessible to shoppers anytime and anywhere.

5. Create a Christmas free zone  

Not everyone celebrates Christmas or indulges in festivities, so to avoid excluding potential customers, consider featuring a Christmas free section on your website. This provides access to current product offers to all your customers, without the seasonal trimmings!

So there you have it, a short recipe to help get your website Christmas ready! Watch out for some more top tips coming soon.

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