The first new generic domain name extensions (gTLDs) opened for registration earlier this year and now a steady stream of new domains are arriving every week. So, are new domain name extensions important to you? If your business is online or you intend to take it online, then the answer is yes.

Here are the top three reasons why new gTLDs are so important for your business –

1. Competition
It’s thought that .com has become the most popular extension in the world because many of the big brands have one and large companies often have a short and to the point .com address. As many of the best, generic names were taken early on, businesses have found their choices are sometimes limited when it comes to securing the name they want.

With the launch of new gTLDs, the possibilities are endless, so you can now get a name which is short and sweet, easy to market and relevant to you. Most importantly, if you secure it for your business, your competitors won’t be able to.

2.  Relevance

In an ideal world, we would all prefer to have a website address that sums up exactly what we do, for example,,,, but unfortunately a lot of the best names are often already taken.

This is where you can take advantage of new domain extensions. If you get in early, you can secure a much more relevant gTLD and it also allows you to be creative and get a website name that reflects exactly what you are or do e.g.

3.  Trust
Visitors always gravitate towards familiarity, which is why geographical extensions are popular (e.g. .ie). New domains such as .london and .wales will also be released for the first time later this year. By seeing place names they recognise, consumers are more likely to relate to them  and trust them quickly.

New gTLDs mean new opportunities –

At the top of the global popularity list so far, are .guru, .berlin, .club and .photography. We also predict that other strong favourites will be .ninja, .reviews, .wiki and .social when they’re released in the next few weeks. Less popular domains will include .luxury and .rich because they will be quite expensive and .wed as the rules to sell it are very restrictive. With .wedding coming out later this year though, we’re sure happy couples will be just as eager to celebrate with as

See the latest new domain name releases each week and check if your new domain extension is available.