Why should you buy a .store domain?

Have something to sell online? You’ll want to make sales. How? With a .store domain you’re differentiating yourself from the mainstream .com web address, you’re telling the world that you’re here to sell.

Perhaps you don’t yet have an online store but you do have a real-world retail store, your business web address is likely to be available as a .store domain name owing to the .store domains fantastic availability (when compared to .com domains, which are nearly always taken!)

.store domain availability

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.com or .store?

A conventional .com domain name gives no indication of the kind of website you’re visiting, a .store makes it really clear and invites everyone to see what you have to offer.

The term ‘store’ is a common search term in search engines. A search for ‘pet supplies online store’ using a .com may receive traffic from visitors searching for pet supplies, the use of the word ‘store’ gives your .store domain a higher relevancy to the search term and your domain name could see extra traffic that the equivalent .com site owner may not receive.

.store is memorable. It’s short, simple and it’s one syllable!

.store is growing and it’s reputable

196,189 domain names are now registered in 179 different countries.

Big names such as Emirates have registered a .store domain name www.emirates.store, testament indeed to the credibility of the .store domain extension!