Securing a prominent ranking position in search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords and phrases is an essential marketing objective for most businesses. Although many of the top-ranking positions in SERPs are occupied by high-profile businesses and corporations, this certainly doesn’t mean that reaching the first page of Google search results for valuable keywords within your niche is unattainable. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Designing and developing a professional website with functional additional features such as chatbots, integrated video content and shopping carts has historically been beyond the reach of many small businesses. Business owners who had the capital to invest significant sums of money to hire professional web developers could channel precious funds into this area of their business. Others, in contrast, were forced to create relatively basic websites that simply didn’t have the integrated search engine optimisation (SEO) power to make significant waves within the digital space.

Now, however, the proliferation of new services that equip business owners with the tools to sell online is helping entrepreneurs to successfully increase the visibility of their online presence, secure prominent positions in SERPs for relevant keywords and phrases, and boost those all-important traffic, leads and sales metrics.

Secure Search Engine Visibility with Accessible Online Tools

Leading web development platform Wix is reaffirming its intent to provide business owners with key tools to sell online with the launch of its new Ascend platform. Claiming to remove the need for businesses to employ designers, developers and SEO experts, Ascend’s comprehensive range of marketing solutions has the ability to drive businesses forwards, increase sales and secure highly visible ranking positions in Google search results for relevant search terms.

Particularly useful for small business owners, entrepreneurs and start-ups who are new to digital, Ascend simplifies the processes of marketing and customer attraction, which are often complex as they require significant competitor knowledge and an intricate understanding of precisely how Google ranks sites in its SERPs. Cutting out the steep learning curves and hours of time-consuming trial and error, services such as these can help business owners to start to see significant results in a comparatively short amount of time.

Data collated since the launch of Ascend shows that the platform is delivering results. Not only are websites indexed within a matter of seconds, as opposed to the traditional two week time-span, the SEO Wiz tool has already helped 70% of all Wix customers to secure a position on the first page of Google search results. Additionally, entrepreneurs choosing to integrate the chat tool into their website can increase repeat site visits by more than 270%. The tool can facilitate both live conversations and automated responses, ensuring that this feature is available to customers regardless as to the time of day.

The Future of Web Design

Web design is a fast-moving landscape and it is expected that creating a website that looks and feels professional and intuitive will soon become much more intricate and complex. Websites in the mid-1990s were extremely simple whereas today’s sites need to be highly responsive and communicative in order to survive within competitive marketplaces.

Securing prominent search result positions is key to success and as the tools to secure meaningful success become more accessible, the future looks bright for many businesses.