Before you start online selling, there are various factors to consider. There is fierce competition in online sales, so before you set up your store and even before you decide on a name for your business, you need to select the products you intend to sell. Identifying your products and deciding on their pricing is the first step in successful online selling.

The products most commonly chosen to sell online are niche products and commoditised products. In deciding how to sell online, you can choose to concentrate on one category or to retail a combination of the two different types.

Niche products

Niche products tend to be specific to a certain group of customers or fall into a specific product category. The goods you sell are often handmade and unique products such as jewellery, leather items or organic luxury foodstuffs. These can be extremely popular products for customers to buy online.

Commoditised products

These are services or goods that are popular or that everyone needs. Most online sales are made up of commoditised products and there is a great deal of competition from major players such as Amazon, so it can be difficult to generate profits if you only sell popular items such as toys or clothes. Many online sellers combine the commoditised products they offer with some niche products in order to maximise profits.

How to find the niche products that will result in successful online selling

Much advice relating to how to sell online concentrates on the importance of keeping up to date with new items and products that are trending in the market. This way, you can capitalise on their popularity before others have an opportunity to establish a lead. You do need to remember, however, that not all trends last very long and you should be ready to move on.

Always select products to sell that you feel passionate about. If you love them, others are also likely to find them appealing when you offer them for sale online. Let’s face it, starting a new online business can be hard work and involve long hours so it is important that you enjoy what you are doing.

If you are looking for ideas as to what service or product range to offer, think about what people need to solve everyday problems. There are many times when something annoys you or takes more time than you think it should. If you can source products that will help with these moments, you are on to a winner. Identifying solutions to everyday problems or creating solutions if there are no products available should help in your quest for online selling success.

Another tactic is to focus on your customers’ guilty pleasures by offering high-end treats such as chocolates or luxury food or drink ranges. Develop your individual brand to ensure that your customers return time after time and aim to meet all their desires.

Researching on social media can help you to identify the products people really want and for which they are willing to pay a premium.

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