Register365 Mail Server Details

Info: This article refers to services purchased on Register365’s new hosting cluster, and not the legacy H-Sphere systems.

Incoming mail settings

To collect your mail, you will need to enter the following details into your email program.

  • Incoming Mail Server: (or pop3.{your-domain-name} once it has resolved correctly) for a POP3 mailbox
  • Incoming Mail Server: for an IMAP enabled mailbox
  • Username{your-domain-name} for the default mailbox
  • Username{your-domain-name}_{username} for any additional mailboxes you have set up
  • Password: the current password for the mailbox you want to connect to

You can find a list of available mailboxes in your online Register365 Control Panel, under

Domain Names > Email & FTP > Users and Email Rules

in the Users and mailboxes section

Outgoing mail settings

By default, your outgoing mail service is provided by your ISP (the company you connect to the internet with).

If you wish to use Register365 for your outgoing mail service, for example, if you move around a lot and prefer not to have to change the outgoing mail server depending on which ISP you are connecting through, then you can purchase the Authenticated SMTP service. Please contact Sales for more information.

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