How to move a domain to a new Register365 account

Domain names that are already with Register365 can be easily transferred between accounts via the “Push Domain” facility in your Control Panel. You may push a domain to an existing account by specifying the account reference (e.g. RG012345), or by creating a new account to receive the domain.

Once logged in to your Control Panel, click on your domain (if you have more than one) scroll to the bottom of the page and select Domain Transfers.

You will now see several options displayed before you. Click on the one entitled Push Domain to another Register365 account.

From here you have the option of either entering an existing account reference, or creating a whole new account.

When you are done click on the Proceed link to complete your part of the process.

The new account holder will receive a confirmation email with a link that they need to click on. Once they do so the domain will automatically be transferred from your account into their account.

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