Is your business online compliant?


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Did you know that if your business shares your socials, uses Google Analytics or links to YouTube from your website, you are legally required to have a Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy and Terms & Conditions Policy in place? With so many legal frameworks to consider, it can be stressful, costly and a major time drain to keep up with it all; especially when trying to run a business.

That’s why, we’re excited to introduce our brand-new Online Compliance product which is designed to take the pain out of complying with online laws, fully protect your online business and ultimately, save you money.   

To bring you this new product, we’ve teamed up with another brand, iubenda. They offer market-leading integrated privacy and compliance tools and currently service more than 90,000 happy customers across 100+ countries.

How does it work?

Firstly, you need to find out where you are compliant and where you may need to make some changes. To do that, simply pop your website name into the free scanner. From the results, you will be able to see what’s missing from your site and which package would best suit your requirements. Play our short introduction video to find out more about how the tools work.

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Top benefits

With our Online Compliance tools, you can…

  • Easily create and integrate legal documents.
  • Get up-to-date documents and policies.
  • Avoid financial penalties for non-compliance.
  • Get monthly scans and notifications to keep you in check.
  • Comply with all major EU & UK Legal Frameworks.
  • Save money as you no longer need expensive specialists.

Start now by scanning your website for free to see if you comply online.