Does the thought of writing content for your website fill you with dread? Then our new AI(Artificial Intelligence) content creator will change your world!

Our new AI tool is part of Site Assistant, an easy-to-use site building tool, exclusive to our Managed WordPress packages. It enables you to create a professional website with engaging and relevant content in no time at all. To begin, all you need to do is give a basic prompt describing what you want, and the tool will write the content for you. It’s like having your very own copywriter available 24/7/365!

How can the AI content creator help you? 

Although Site Assistant makes website building super easy, we know that it is often the task of writing content that holds people back. That’s why, we added the AI content creator to make the task easier for you. Now, you will no longer need to stare at a blank page, hire expensive writers or worry about creating great content for your website – the AI tool can do it all for you.

How does it work? 

AI content creator is very simple to use. You add a prompt to ask it to write something for your website, and it gets to work. You can ask it to write about anything related to your business, passion, or project. 

Imagine you’re a artist. You’ve built your website and love how it looks. Now, you want to add text that will captivate your visitors and sit alongside your portfolio. In this situation, all you need to do is tell the AI content creator what you want, the specific kind of words you want it to use and an outline of what your images contain. It’s really that simple. 

So, rather than painfully trying to explain in words the incredible images you’ve captured for your photography business, you can have the heavy lifting done for you. 

You can also give the AI content creator specific commands, such as “Create a catchy headline for this page” or “Write a paragraph explaining my company values”. The assistant will follow your instructions and generate content that matches your tone and style. 

Why should you use the content creator? 

  • Save time and money – You don’t have to spend hours writing content or hire an agency to do it for you. Instead, you can focus on your core business and let the AI tool handle your content. 
  • Get your website online faster – The AI content creator writes content fast. This means it can prepare your website for launch, or update it quickly, so you can respond to developing situations and trends. 
  • Boost your creativity – The AI tool writes original content which can help you to generate new ideas and topics for your website. You can also edit and tweak the content once it has been written to make it truly unique. 

How to get started…

The AI content creator is available for all our Managed WordPress hosting customers. If you don’t have a WordPress website yet, you can sign up for our Managed WordPress hosting service today and get started with Site Assistant and the AI content creator right away. 

Our Managed WordPress hosting service is the best way to create a WordPress website without any hassle. And now with the AI content creator, it’s easier than ever. Explore our Managed WordPress packages today.