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I don't have any FTP software, how do I upload my site?

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If you only have a small number of files to upload or wish to make a quick change, you can use the File Manager tool:

- Log in to your Online Control Panel and click Domain Names

- Click the Domain Name you wish to upload files to

- Click File Manager on the left hand menu

- To make your files visible on the internet, they must be uploaded to the folder named web

- Click the web folder and the files on your webspace will be displayed

- The File Manager tools will allow you to preform standard tasks such as uploading and deleting files

Create a new directory.
Upload a file.
Copy or move a file or group of files to another folder in your hosting space.
Set permissions for your files and folders.
Delete any selected files.

Please Note: The first page of your website should always be called index.html, with the filename "index" all in lower case

Many web design programs call the first page index.htm by default, this is fine but you must ensure you delete the default index.html file on the server before uploading your own file

if you are designing in ASP or PHP, then you can also use index.asp or index.php

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