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How do I transfer my hosting to you from another provider and minimise downtime or problems?



Don't worry. Moving your Web site is easier than you think, and it doesn't involve changing your domain name or site downtime if you do it correctly.

The process of moving your Web site is straightforward; but there are several key steps you need to be familiar with before you start.

  1. Sign up for the hosting plan you require at
  2. Once activated, log into the system and upload your website, configure your email settings, databases, etc, just the way you require, using the Instant Access alias to preview everything.
  3. Log into your Domain Registration provider and modify the DNS servers for your domain to ours:
  4. Please allow up to 24hrs for the full propagation of your DNS changes. During this time some traffic will go to your old host and some to us.
  5. Once you are sure all has moved, and you are no longer getting traffic to your old host, you can cancel your account with them and inform them of same.

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