Quota Restrictions

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These accounts are not intended as an alternative to our VPS or Dedicated Servers, and as such have some restrictions in place. If you need any of the following:

  • cron jobs
  • your own SSL certificate
  • your own dedicated IP address
  • more than 3GB of traffic allowance (bandwidth) per month for any single website
  • more than 1.5GB of webspace for any single website
  • more than 1.5GB of email space for any single website
  • the ability to change server-side configuration files
  • the ability to install any additional php or perl files
  • the use of scripts that require Apache directives (eg mod_rewrite)
  • mass mailing facilities

Then you should consider a VPS or Dedicated Server: Please contact our Dedicated Server Team on 01 5137410 for more information.